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The resources above have been validated and awarded the Feeling Safe Quality Mark

Feeling Safe Quality Mark

Building Resilience with Protective Behaviours - Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco

DECCA suggests that ADT education in starts with early primary age children using the resources, formally known as 'DiSP', developed in consultation with local pupils, teachers, parents/carers and by using relevant national guidance from DfE, NICE, QCA, PSHE Association and Protective Behaviours Consortium/Feeling Safe Foundation.

The concept is to provide young people with the ability to build resilience to a range of situations, dispel some of the incorrect social norms they believe and provide them with positive peer messages such as looking out for friends and respecting another persons feelings. The resources were awarded the 'Feeling Safe Foundation Quality Mark' in May 2015 so DECCA can formally state that the resources comprehensively cover the Protective Behaviours framework.

To further support this DECCA also advises schools on ADT policies, dealing with drug-related incidents, supporting parents/carers, governors, teachers and, most importantly, young people, through such incidents. Teacher training and simple advice and guidance over the telephone are also offered to ensure teachers never feel alone or out of their depth.

The team can also deliver sessions face to face to young people in school, free of charge in years 6,7 and 10. This is to complement the resources in school staff can deliver. DECCA demonstrate effectiveness with an outcomes based evaluation approach that is carried out in each session delivered.

Arranging a meeting to discuss using the resources or to book a session:

Telephone: 0121 569 2201