Combined Offer – what is it?

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Combined Offer - PSHE Resources for in school staff to deliver

  1. To ensure young people are aware of what safety is, and is not, in relation to a number of key areas
  2. To equip professionals with skills to better safeguard young people from a range of external and internal factors
  3. To promote help and support services for young people so they can access them as they need to
  4. To encourage young people to talk to someone if they have an issue or problem no matter how small or awful the issue is
  5. For young people to develop practical coping skills they can use in their day to day lives
  6. For young people to develop resilience skills that can be transferable between a range of situations
  7. To build young people’s understanding of empathy
  8. For young people to develop risk management skills for use in a variety of situations
  9. To develop young people’s thinking, in recognising consequences and affects, relating to their own actions relating to a wide range of subjects
  10. To develop appropriate relationships based on trust, support and rapport

The topics covered fall under three main categories which are below with sub categories shown under these. Each Resource is colour coded to give a quick glance at the topics covered by each resource.

Hovering over each section below will give you a guideline of what is covered by eac topic.

Health & Well Being
  1. Mental Health
  2. Emotional Wellbeing
  3. Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
  4. Sexual Education
  5. Physical Health
  6. First Aid
  1. Consent
  2. Online living and safety
  3. Gender and Equality
  4. Loss and bereavement
  5. Parenthood
  6. Exploitation
  7. Domestic Abuse
  8. Healthy relationships
Living in the wider world
  1. Diversity
  2. Media and its influence
  3. Transition

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