Concerned about a teenager?

Do you have concerns your teenager has started drinking alcohol or using drugs?

Below is a list of signs and symptoms, however teenagers are known for their moodiness and outbursts, you know your child and can spot any major changes. If you have concerns talk with your child, making sure not to accuse them of drinking/using drugs as these could be signs for other problems too.

  • Change in behaviour - more aggressive/placid
  • Change in speech
  • Missing school
  • Smell
  • Hidden bottles
  • Change in friendship groups
  • Secretive
  • Money disappearing
  • Alcohol disappearing
  • Coming home late
  • Giggles
  • Red eyes
  • Pupils either dilated/pin point
  • Doesn’t look after their appearance
  • Bits and pieces people use to take drugs

What to do if your child tells you about another YP using drugs?

  • Don’t panic
  • Find out the facts
  • If they use a nickname, find out what it is a nickname for (more info)
  • Make sure your child knows the risks
  • If you have concerns that there is drug dealing happening inform the local police
  • You could talk to the school, raise your concerns and they may be able to help.