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Help & Support

Name of the organisation who could help What they cover Telephone details Other information on these subjects
DECCA Alcohol Cannabis Other Drugs 0121 569 2201
Brook Sexual health Contraception 0121 553 2666
Sandwell CSE Team Barnardo’s
Sandwell Women’s Aid (they also help men) Sexual Exploitation Online Safety CSE Advice Line: 0121 569 2644
My Shield Helping you feel happier Helping you if you need to talk/communicate about something you’re going through 0121 569 2611
CAMHS Helping if you know or think you are struggling with the way you are thinking 0121 569 2611
Childline To talk, help, support and guide on things that might be on a person’s mind 0800 1111
  • If you're not sure who to call then call anyone of the number above and they will be happy to help you find out exactly what kind of support and help you might need
  • Most important thing is to make the call, or start the conversation with someone
  • Don’t forget that you can talk to people who you know - family, friends, teachers basically someone you trust and has your best interests at heart
  • Don’t just pick anyone for this - it should be someone who you know well and who you really, truly feel you can trust
  • Remember, we can talk with someone about anything even if it’s awful or small – it can really help if you get help and you do deserve it